Willo Watersong is the matriarch of Marisa Pines Camp, and is a skilled healer, crooner, weaver and herbalist. Gifted with earth magic, she is the mother of Hayden Fire Dancer, who also inherited her powers. In the Gray Wolf Throne, it is discovered that Willo had physical relations with Gavan Bayar, in which bore Willo her son. In The Crimson Crown, it is then revealed that Gavan Bayar had forced himself upon her, using a ring that rendered Willo vulnerable.



Willo has long braided and beaded dark hair that falls to the waist. Willo is described by many as "beautiful." Some "Mentioned the movement of her hands when she spoke, like small birds." Her voice is also rich and clear, when comparing it to the Dyrnnewater. Han describes her as a woodland nymph, in a category of her own.

The Demon KingEdit

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