Oden's Ford is an academy the size of a small city, with the main road winding between its buildings. Ancient stone buildings stud the lawns, connected by covered galleries paved with brick and twined with night-blooming flowers. Elaborate herb gardens quilted with flowers mark out the healer's gardens, where healers come to train and where people come to be treated in the Healer's Hall. The stables are located before a bridge on the Wien House side, and are used by all students regardless of whether they belong to Wien House or not.

The bridge is made of stone and arches high over the water, lined with shops and taverns such as The Crown and Castle. It is the borderland that separates Mystwerk House and the Temple School from the other schools. Known as Bridge Street, it is the area where students from both sides of the campus come to mingle.

Oden's Ford is home to several colleges, including Mystwerk House, Wien House, the Temple School, Factor House, Merchant House, and Isenwerk House, with stone pillars identifying one school from another. Each school is centered on a grassy quad and consists of classroom buildings, libraries, and dormitories. The dormitories are three to four stories tall, built of brick and stone, with stone chimmneys, flower borders, and arched doorways.