Micah Bayar is the son of Gavan Bayar and twin brother of Fiona Bayar. He is a member of the Aerie House. Raisa thoroughly hates him for plotting with his father and trying to steal her away from Oden's Ford. Even so, it is evident that she still has feelings for him, and that Micah has her interests in mind.

He possesed the Waterlow amulet before Han got it. He took it while going on a hunting trip with his cousins, father, the queen and the princesses, and was responsible for setting fire to the mountain Hanelea using the amulet. In a conflict with Han and Fire Dancer, Micah was forced to give the amulet up when threatened at arrow point. Upon meeting them again at Oden's Ford, he was shocked that Han and Dancer became wizards, choosing to believe that they cheated in order to get their powers.


Micah is described as a very handsome teen, with many girls including Princess Mellony having had their eyes on him for a very long time. He has straight blue-black hair that sweeps back from a widow's peak, reaching his shoulders, deep black eyes, and angular facial features. He is the same height as his twin, Fiona, and shares with her a lean bone structure and acerbic wit.

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