Lucas Fraser was once a wizard and the best friend of Alger Waterlow. During the events of the Breaking, Lucas's magic was drained out of him and he was blinded. This is the cover story but his magic was not drained from the breaking, it was used to keep him alive as was his wish. Lucas feared death and he asked Alger, who he had already betrayed, though he didn't know it, to help him live forever Lucas is cursed as having to tell the truth about what is known as the Breaking. However, Lucas was afraid and never did much to honor his part of the bargain. Although he failed to honor his part of the bargain, Lucas still did everything in his ability to support and protect Alger's descendants, even looking after them discreetly. He admits this to Han Alister when Alister is told about his ancestry.

It is only after the Breaking was resolved by the clans did Lucas change his name to Lucius Frowsley. Lucius is at least 1000 years old, and lives in a rundown hut on Old Woman Creek.

He dies finally in the fourth book as a final favour from Alger and indirectly, Alister who grants him death. Alger was at first not eager to do so because, as he had found out, Lucas was the one who betrayed him to the Bayars and therefore, the trigger to the chain of events that ultimately led to the tragic love story of Hanalea and Alger or what most people perceive to be the Breaking which was the cause of the creation of the story of the Demon King. He tells Lucas "I think you need another thousand years to think about it" and asks what, exactly he owes him now after he completely ruined his life. But Han persuades him to take pity on him in the end, pointing out that "they only win if they change you" and "it's not about what they think it's about who you are" because, as both Han and Lucas know, Alger is compassionate at heart.