Hayden Fire Dancer
Gender: Male
Clan: Marisa Pines Camp
Affiliated With: Marisa Pines Camp
The Gray Wolf Line
Relations: Gavan Bayar (Father)
Willo Watersong (Mother)
Cat Tyburn (significant other)
Rogan Shadow Dancer (son)
Micah Bayar (Younger Half-Brother)
Fiona Bayar (Younger Half-Sister)
Digging Bird (Cousin)
Aliases: Dancer
Physical Appearance
Eye Color: Blue
Chronological Appearances
First Appeared In: The Demon King
Last Appeared In: The Crimson Crown
Status: Alive

Hayden Fire Dancer is one of the many supporting characters in the series and is Han Alister's best friend. He is of mixed blood - clan and wizard - a union that was not thought possible since wizards were forbidden by the Naeming to enter the camps. His mother is Willo Watersong, and his father is Gavan Bayer, which makes him the older half-brother to the Bayer twins, Micah and Fiona, as well as cousin to the Mander brothers. Gavan Bayar , as a young wizard, had taken advantage of Willo Watersong  in the forests of the camps. Dancer was born soon after. It became apparent that Dancer had inherited his father's gifts, when he was a child. Willo tried to conceal her son gifts, but it was ultimately decided that she would tell the other members of Marisa Pines Camp, as well as the members of Demonai Camp, on Dancer's name day. Dancer subsequently went to Oden’s Ford  with Han Alister to study at Mystwerk House. Dancer is currently romanticly involved with Cat Tyburn.


Fire Dancer is a male with an angular bone structure and heavy dark brows, with jarring blue eyes set into a bronzed face. He has commented that the resemblance to his father is very striking if one knows where to look for it.  Crow , an enemy of the Bayars recognizes him as a Bayar even in Aediion , whether through some magical means, or physical characteristics.


Along with his magical capabilities Fire Dancer has the ability to produce and modify magical items he is the the only known wizard with this capability
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