(This article is incomplete) Adrian sul'Han is the son of Hanson Alister and Raisa ana'Marianna. He is one of two protagonists in the novel Flamecaster. Ash is shown repeatedly to be one of the most gifted healers in all the seven realms. He bears a heavy likeness to his father, Han, in regards to espionage, affinity for daggers and short blades; as well as his cunning and wit. What makes Ash such a unique character is how he’s equally as talented in areas we haven’t seen many other characters excel in. Poisons especially, and a political grace unmatched by all but maybe his mother. The way Chima writes his point of view gives the story a more urgent and dire feeling. While all characters deal with adversity it seems as though they can slip up and say the wrong thing to the wrong person but somehow they’ll still escape death or end up in an advantageous position by the end of the predicament. Whereas it always seems that if Adrian were to say one wrong word, asses the situation incorrectly, or react incorrectly to words or actions of his enemies that he will indeed endure consequences every time, infallibly.

History Edit

Adrian (or Ash as in is initials) the second child and only son of the Grey Wolf Queen and the High Wizard of the Fells. He, like the rest of the queendom, has been in mourning for the death of his older sister and princess heir Hana for six months.

He is restless and eager to do something, but feels incompetent and not ready. He is gifted and even though he is only thirteen, he has built a reputation as a good healer, particularly of horses. He was trained in the Marisa Pines Camp with the Demonai under Willo Watersong and Voyageur healer Taliesin Beaugarde. His father gave him his old hunter's amulet, even though wizards are supposed to get them when they turned sixteen.

In order to further this power, Ash looks for Han in the Ragmarkets and asks for permission to go to Oden's Ford, to study under Taeliesin, who is also the dean of Spiritas, the healer's academy. After a few years, he will transfer to Mystwerk to complete his wizard training. His father agrees and promises to try to convince Raisa, who is scared to let her children go after what happened to Hana.

Han announces that he has a meeting with a possible lead to Hana's death in Southbridge. After a few minutes Ash realizes that Han is walking into a trap. He catches up and yells after him, surprising Han's would be attackers. They attack Han with minor but poisoned cuts all over his body; Han disperses the attackers and protects Ash, later succumbing to his wounds. Ash escapes with a twisted ankle and leaves the Fells for Oden's Ford without looking back.

Four Years Later Edit

Ash has been studying at Mystwerk for two years now, having graduated from Spiritas. Aside from learning to become a wizard, he has been killing through poison several Arden generals and high nobility as a form of revenge towards King Montaigne. A disappointed Taeliesin has let him know that she deeply disapproves, even though she still supplies the herbs. She believed that by training him, he would become the best healer in the realms, as she could see the potential.

A murder attempt is made on him by the King through the Darian Guild. The assassins are in a ravenous search to drink his blood as a sacrifice to the state religion, but Ash is saved by his roommate Lila Barronhill. They leave on of the assassins, Usepia, alive in order to interregate him. They discover the cannibalistic tendencies of the Guild, while also revealing his true blueblood, 'princeling' to Lila.
Adrian sul'Han
Gender: Male
Age: 13 at start of Flamecaster, 17
Affiliated With: Gray Wolf Line
Relations: Hanson Alister (father)
Raisa ana'Marianna (mother)
Hanalea ana'Raisa (sister)
Alyssa ana'Raisa (sister)
Aliases: Han, Raisa
Physical Appearance
Chronological Appearances
First Appeared In: Flamecaster
Status: Alive